We’ve had the pleasure of working with both brands throughout season – We Love Summer’s event design & production, and Lipton Ice Tea’s activation campaign.

A power partnership

Our season kicked off with an exciting partnership between We Love Summer and Lipton Ice Tea at the Blue Rock season opener. Working alongside Jig-Saw Agency for sponsorship, we brought both together for a summer activation campaign that would span 3 events and 3 months!

Evolving event design and production

Blue Rock saw an interesting shift in the approach to both event design & event production for We Love Summer and an integration of Lipton Ice Tea’s activation campaign into the event design itself to make for a more seamless production and experience for event attendees.

On the We Love Summer front, the objective was to push the limits for both event design and event production. We worked with the team to design the event around unique concepts and gave each its own identifiable area. Main stage, the beach, the desert and the greenhouse each had a distinct and unique character. The concept behind this was to create different experience zones for event goers to explore – with content generation and comprehensive event experience in mind.

Complete Refreshment

For the Lipton Ice Tea activation campaign operner, we went a bold route and designed and developed 4m high custom Lipton Ice Tea flowers, built a yellow zone and provided the coolest (read: misters) experiences for everyone in the greenhouse. Our activation campaign (and event) concept was developed in line with the brand’s positioning – Complete Refreshment. By providing event goers with shade, cooling, ice cold Lipton Ice Tea, we were able to bring the brand’s positioning to life. Through our activation, we also managed to sample well over 1500 cans at the event, with a sample rate of 100%.

Catch us for the next installment, event design for international music radio station Boiler Room & the world’s no.1 selling whisky, Ballantine’s.

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Photo creds: Mik Motala, Dairy of Alex (WLS)