Following on from the We Love Summer season opener with Lipton Ice Tea, we met with Ballantine’s to assist with designing an event experience for Boiler Room with Maya Jane Coles in November 2016.

Ballantine’s and Boiler Room have an international partnership through the Ballantine’s True Music platform. Check out MCBN’s write up here >

Ballantine’s True Music: Authenticity in event experience is king.

We worked as part of a team that included top agencies Hello Computer (digital), One-Eyed Jack (PR) and Beanstalk (event production), with our task being designing an event experience and then executing it for this flagship event.

custom builds event experience design

Custom 2 meter high “B”, the Ballantine’s brand signifier.

Creative development? Bold Agency conceptualised two event experience themes for Ballantine’s, which included everything from specialist pieces to furniture and lighting aspects. We presented to both the local and international Ballantine’s brand teams and to Boiler Room themselves.

The objective? To create a clear, easy to identify Ballantine’s look and feel without any overt branding in the Boiler Room event space.

Collaborating with both Ballantine’s and Boiler Room, we shaped a final event look and feel that suited all parties. We ticked important boxes which represented the authentic nature of the True Music platform, the Ballantine’s brand and most importantly, met the strict requirements of Boiler Room.

Bespoke event experience design & execution

custom TV event experience design

Ballantine’s logo, blue lighting elements and live tube TV AV feeds.

Our team of designers and suppliers designed and developed specialist branding items, including a 2m high neon powered “B” (Ballantine’s brand signifier), sourced old school tube TVs to run live AV feeds through, used lighting to bring brand colors and elements through and created unique seating and standing spaces that reflected the brand, venue and event. These elements all formed part of a cohesive design for the event experience.

We created a branding plan for all the elements and executed everything according to plan. A last minute addition was the design and execution of the PR invitation design and the Boiler Room media mixer PR event (together with One-Eyed Jack) as part of the build up to the main show.

Event day: The Boiler Room

Carfax event setup

Carfax event setup

Our task on the day was to put the event experience into action. We had a last minute venue change which would normally have been a major challenge but the entire production team adjusted swiftly and successfully. Carfax, Newtown presented the perfect canvas for what promised to be a night to remember and event production, working with Beanstalk, went smoothly. The local and international brand team for Ballantine’s and Boiler Room signed off all final production and execution, and we were ready to go!


Packed to capacity by 7pm, filled with buzzing house music lovers, the world famous Boiler Room in the house broadcasting globally, and the Ballantine’s on free flow,  this was an event that was off the hook from open to close!

One of the best things about owning an agency is seeing a vision come to life by working with great partners and incredible clients. Boiler Room was an experience we were very grateful to be a part of, as an event that truly excited on a very deep level.

Thank you, Ballantine’s & Boiler Room.