The Brief:

Ballantine’s and Boiler Room joined forces to launch True Music Africa – a unique event series designed that was designed to showcase talent from 6 African countries, across multiple music genres and event experiences.

Our challenge was to curate three distinct brand-owned event experiences and environments. Each of these environments had to be stylistically aligned with a music genre and the venue. Ultimately, each experience needed to be recognisably Ballantine’s and Boiler Room, and in their own right, perfectly unique.

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The Idea:

To develop a set of reusable elements that would give us and Ballantine’s the flexibility to create unique-looking and recognisable event experiences at each venue. Parallel to this, we decided to develop an interactive AV, lighting and special effects to leverage the positive response to the 2016 Ballantine’s x Boiler Room event experience. Our goal was to cultivate familiarity and association in consumers’ minds  between the Ballantine’s brand and the True Music eventing platform.


We delivered on the idea by identifying key touch points for each event experience and environment. From this, we developed a set of stand-out signature brand assets to be used throughout the series and beyond.

Ballantine’s x Boiler Room TMA JHB Event 2018

What made it Bold:

Three powerfully unique event experience, with strong brand visibility and touch points. We built a distinct set of brand assets, including:

  • Custom back-of-bar display units with LED screens playing live content
  • 1m and 2m LED chevron frames (brand signifiers)
  • Branded oil drums
  • Unique decor centrepieces and installations
  • Sceptron light tunnel entrances
Ballantine’s x Boiler Room TMA Final Event, PTA 2018


For the Johannesburg event, the local Ballantine’s team won the PRSA Best Practice Award. The event has since set the benchmark for production for Ballantine’s x Boiler Room events on a global scale.

What they said:

“CONGRATULATIONS on pulling off an incredible event.”

Simone, Ballantine’s SA Brand Manager (JHB event, 2018 – Best Practice award)

“Truly incredible! Well done Team Ballantine’s.”

Charl, PRSA Marketing Director (JHB event, 2018 – Best Practice award)

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