The Crafted Paloma Masterclass Tasting Experience Sessions

The Crafted Paloma Masterclass Tasting Experience Setup with Chris and consumers
The Crafted Paloma Masterclass Tasting Experience Setup

The Brief:

Altos Tequila partnered with popular music, street food and arts crossover event, Feastival, for series of 4 events, where the brand’s objective was to educate, showcase and immerse event attendees in the experience of their hero serve – The Crafted Paloma – an explosive citrus and tequila flavour combination. We were tasked with designing a unique tasting experience for the brand.

The Idea:

We decided that the very best way to engage and immerse event attendees in the brand, product and the hero serve was to have them dive into a 15-minute masterclass lesson with House of Tequila brand ambassador, Chris.


We developed a unique and vibrant Altos bar setup, placed in the very heart of the Feastival, the street food market. We also created a simple way for event attendees could register for their masterclass tasting experience session with a QR code, which was managed by our promoter team.

What made it Bold:

A perfectly-branded bar, brand presence in an ideal location and a live masterclass, working seamlessly to delight event attendees. Event attendees who signed up with our promoters booked their slot for the experience. They reserved their own cocktail-making station, where they were treated to a personalised, one-on-one session with brand ambassador, Chris. They experienced a hands-on tutorial on to make the perfect Crafted Paloma. The perfect serve, served in the perfect way.

Services provided:

  • Experiential marketing
  • Brand experience design
  • Brand activation

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